Friday, July 13, 2012

FSL Tutorial 0: Conversion from DICOM to NIFTI

After publishing my last tutorial, I realized that I should probably take a step back and detail how to convert raw scanner images into something that can be used as FSL. This latest walkthrough will show you how to download MRIcron and use one of its tools, dcm2nii, to convert raw scanner image formats such as DICOM or PAR/REC to nifti, which can be used by almost all fMRI software analysis packages.

Note: I've been using Camtasia Studio to make these screencasts, and so far I have been very happy with it. The video editor is simple and intuitive, and making videos isn't too difficult. It runs for $99, which is a little pricey for a screencast tool, but if you're going to be making them on a regular basis and doing tutorials, I would recommend buying it.

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