Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking Bad

As of right now, Breaking Bad is my favorite TV show. Heck, it is the only TV show I watch right now; I don't have a television, and I simply stream episodes from Amazon onto my laptop. For me, injecting this show into my eyeballs every Sunday is as addictive as Walter White's trademark blue meth.

Now that I have stated this, my unabashed fanboy attitude toward this show, let me step back and give a few reasons for it, and clear up any misconceptions people might have:

Reason #1: It's awesome.

Reason #2: Bryan Cranston reminds me of my dad, except for the goatee.

Anyone just starting out with this show may find it at times either too unrealistic or melodramatic for their taste, but the only advice I can give is: Stick with it. It only gets better. Every season, and almost every episode even, seems to get better and out-top the last one. And that is the magnetic appeal of it - it just keeps getting better. More refined. More pure.

Just like Walt's product.

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