Tuesday, April 4, 2017

New Website: AndysBrainBlog.com

Le style c'est l'homme. No doubt. But the converse is also partly true: L'homme c'est le style. Because we have a gift for writing in a certain way, we find ourselves, in some sort, becoming our way of writing. We mould ourselves in the likeness of our particular brand of eloquence.

-Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy

Last summer I made an abortive attempt to create another website which would serve as my professional front, while continuing to post here as I saw fit. Evidently I saw fit to post here virtually all of the time, to the neglect and eventual death of the other website. Partly this was because I was more comfortable with the Blogger interface here, and partly because I didn't like the Wordpress interface there. And so the new website fell stillborn from the press, and everything on this site continued much as before.

I've made another attempt, now with the platform Squarespace, and I believe that this time the change is permanent. The new address is: www.andysbrainblog.com. If you are already following me on Google Plus, the posts will still show up in your feed; comments and posts have been transferred over, so that nothing has been lost - save for the pruning and deletion of some older posts which now bring me little nostalgia and much embarrassment.

I have been together with this blog for five years, far longer than any other relationship in my life. There will always be something oddly touching about its black and orange color scheme, the Arial font, the haphazard way of cobbling certain posts together. Reading the earlier entries, one can see my mind's gradual development over the past half decade, the progression of what I thought about and what I cared about, and how I arrived at this moment, the child the father of the man.

But it will not be deleted. I will not push a button and have it vanish into the electricity. Rather, it will remain embalmed here for all eternity, its noble corpse propped up into a regal position altogether fitting of its legacy of grandeur and loyalty. And on its pedestal, these words appear:

No friend has served me, and no enemy wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.

In pace requiescat!