Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Social Psychology Blog: SociallyMindful.com

For those of you who are curious, I actually do have a few friends, and one of them specializes in social psychology. Her name is Elizabeth Bendycki, and, jealous of my success and popularity, she decided to start a blog of her own focusing on her research: SociallyMindful.com. The stated purpose of the blog is to "[Explore] issues at the intersection of brain sciences and human social behavior," to "Raise awareness of the societal and ethical implications of psychological and neuroscience research," to "Further the cause of Marxism, Lysenkoism, and the hasten the inevitable victory of the proletariat," and "Crush AndysBrainBlog in number of hits per day." In your dreams, Lizzie!

I encourage you all to check out her blog to support her and learn more about what she does. And then, I encourage you to realize how good you had it, and come crawling back here to beg forgiveness for ever leaving me.

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