Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cello Recital: Mendelssohn, Bach, & Grieg

For any of those reading this who live in the Bloomington area, tomorrow I will be accompanying for a cello recital which includes, among other pieces, the Grieg cello sonata in A Minor, Op. 36. This one is a beast, and by far the largest and most demanding cello piece I have yet accompanied (although the Strauss and Mendelssohn cello sonatas are close contenders); but it's also epic in scope, features both displays of dazzling virtuosity and moments of heartstopping intimacy, and has a finale guaranteed to bring down the house. In short, it has all of the qualities I idolize about classical music; which, I hope, will awaken some powerful longing for the beautiful and the sublime within even the most naive listener.

Time: 7:00pm, Monday, February 25th
Location: Ford Hall (2nd Floor of the Simon Music Center, near the corner of 3rd & Jordan)


Mendelssohn: Lied Ohne Worte, Op. 109

Bach: Cello Suite #4 in E-Flat Major, BMV 1010

Grieg: Cello Sonata in A Minor, Op. 36
   I. Allegro Agitato - Presto - Prestissimo
   II. Andante Molto Tranquilo
   III. Allegro Molto e Marcato

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