Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SPM Official (!) Videos

Now in video form!

I don't know how I missed this, but apparently there are official SPM videos up on the SPM website (if you can believe it) - very similar to what I have been producing the past few months. It still eludes me how they managed to steal my idea over a year before I implemented it, but there you go. I haven't actually watched the casts; more like, I've skipped around to a few points in each, with the sound off, because I'm considerate and I don't want to disturb my labmates. (They have also threatened to beat me up and give me a swirly if I unmuted the volume on my computer.)

In any case, although conspicuously lacking the raw sex appeal of my tutorials, these guys still seem to do a good job in explaining the software and the concepts behind it, even if they do tend to speak at times with an accent. "If the sound is off, how do you know they speak with an accent?" It's called being cultured. (Turns up Enya; begins getting pummeled by labmates.)

A link to the videos can be found here; not that I'm insecure or anything, but please don't allow them to replace me.

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