Thursday, September 13, 2012

Erotic Neuroimaging Journal Titles


With all this talk about sexy results these days, I think that there should be a special line of erotic neuroimaging journals dedicated to publishing only the sexiest, sultriest results. Neuroscientist pornography, if you will.

Some ideas for titles:

-Huge OFC Activations

-Blobs on Brains

-Exploring Extremely Active Regions of Interest

-Humungo Garbanzo BOLD Responses

-Deep Brain Stimulations (subtitle: Only the Hottest, Deepest Stimulations)

-Journal of where they show you those IAPS snaps, and the first one is like a picture of a couple snuggling, and you're like, oh hells yeah, here we go; and then they show you some messed-up photo of a charred corpse or a severed hand or something. The hell is wrong with these people? That stuff is gross; it's GROSS.

Think of the market for this; think of how much wider an audience we could attract if we played up the sexy side of science more. Imagine the thrill, for example, of walking into your advisor's office as he hastily tries to hide a copy of Humungo Garbanzo inside his desk drawer. Life would be fuller and more interesting; the lab atmosphere would be suffused with sexiness and tinged with erotic anticipation; the research process would be transformed into a non-stop bacchanalia. Someone needs to step up and make this happen.