Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Viennese Waltz Dance Showcase

In my unending quest to become a quadruple threat - which, obviously, consists of being a neuroscience blogger, marathon runner, wedding pianist, and ballroom dancer - I recently did a Viennese Waltz showcase, which may look incredibly suave and sophisticated, or incredibly lame. I don't know. All I was focused on was not dropping my partner during any of the lifts, and wondering why there was a giant moose painted on the wall in the background. Maybe because it's called the Moose Lodge, silly. Did I say you could type anything on here? No, but if you're going to keep asking dumb questions, I might as well. Don't make me drop you.

Michelle, my stunningly beautiful partner, is the one who did all of the choreography, so if you want to know any of the moves, go bug her about it.

Music: So She Dances, by Josh Gropin'


  1. While studying for my Psych 101 exam that we have tomorrow, my roommate asked me why I was laughing. I played her your technique for memorizing patterns during the stages of sleep from the Echo lectures online and she asked what you looked like (because you sound young for a professor). I googled your name and came across this beautiful (yet slightly awkward, seeing how you're my professor) ballroom dance video. I may have to become a full time viewer of your brain blog. Thanks for the break from studying and a good laugh!

    Sincerely, someone who should go to lecture more, but listening to them on Echo is equally as entertaining and leads to your professor waltzing.

    1. Hey, glad you liked it! It can be awkward to come across your instructor online, kind of like running into them in the grocery store, but that's one of the risks you take with posting videos of yourself doing Viennese Waltz.