Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Decadence

Fellow neuroscientists, brainbloggers, and acolytes,

I will be gone for the rest of the week visiting Chicago to see the sights, run along the esplanade, dine sumptuously on porterhouse steaks and fine wines, attend La Clemenza di Tito, see Mitsuko Uchida in concert, view rare masterpieces on display at the Art Institute, spend long evenings at the Congress Plaza hotel dancing until the suede of my shoes become slick with wax, playing chess with fellow enthusiasts, and in general wallow in my own decadence. As a result I will not be thinking about anything whatsoever, and I will not be updating for a while.

However, next week I plan on applying the same resting-state template to FSL, since that seems to be what many are clamoring for; and, like many quick-study leaders of the free world, I live only to serve the whims and vicissitudes of the people. The same basics will be covered, just with a different platform and a slightly different technique, as well as the issue of transferring preprocessed datasets from AFNI for connectivity analyses in FSL. All will be covered, in time.

But first, Chicago. Laugh, my friends, and grow fat!

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