Saturday, June 24, 2017

Please Redirect Your Questions to!

Starting today, any questions that are posted here I will redirect to What this means is that I'll reply to your comment by saying "Please post this at," along with a link to the page related to your question.

The comment section of the new website has Disqus, which allows you to post pictures and video. This gives me a better idea of whatever issue you're having with your data. Disqus also makes it easier for me to moderate the comments and to create threads, which I hope will make the whole question-and-answer process easier.

This is also part of my effort to transition everyone to the new website. I've been thinking about automatically redirecting any URL request for this site over to the new site, so be prepared if that happens sometime in the near future.


  1. Hi Andy. I am a psychiatrist in training who has really become interested in neuroimaging and in particular studying connectivity. Where do you suggest I start? There is so much material out there.

    1. Hello,

      That's a good question; most of what I've learned was from reading the documentation from the different software packages and doing some experimenting on my own. If you're interested in functional connectivity, I have a few tutorials uploaded on my Youtube channel about how to do it in AFNI. For DTI analysis of tract statistics (which is related to connectivity) I would look into FSL's TBSS program to get started. If you want to go further, I recommend FreeSurfer's TRACULA program.

      I also offer consulting services over Skype for a fee; if you are interested, please send an email to



  2. Hi Andy, I happened to came across your youtube video regarding fmri analysis. I am a student and have currently doing a research that involved fmri classification. There are few question that I really need helps on. There a fmri dataset in 4D (event related with different onset). What I am trying to do is to get the 3D slice volume that correspond to the events with activation signal colored on it and attempt to do the classification based on the images. Is it possible? Thank you!