Friday, March 1, 2013

Recital Pics

Here are a few pictures that were taken from the recital on Monday:

Taking a bow. We spent a few weeks choreographing this.

Starting things off; Mendelssohn, I think.

The rest of these are from the Grieg. Note that there is no page turner, even though my score runs for forty-five pages; by the end of the night my page-turning muscles would be bathed in lactic acid.

I know what you're thinking: What was the greater risk in your life; Playing without a page-turner, or taking a leak in the locker room shower your senior year? Difficult to say, my friends. Difficult to say.


  1. Can a brother get some audio Jahn? A redirect to iTunes? Something?

    1. Unfortunately, there was no recording of this recital. However, I will be recording more stuff in the future, so stay tuned. (I'm a perfectionist, so it might take a while.)