Wednesday, October 31, 2012

John's Gems #5: Mesh Plots of T-Maps

For those of us who wish to act like we know more than we actually do, John Ashburner has a webpage of useful code snippets that allow you to do cool - maybe even useful - operations on your data. By using these gems, others may start to think that you are also cool - and maybe even useful.

Here I merely replicate John's Gem #5: Mesh Plots of T-maps. (Because coming up with something original on my own would be, like, you know, difficult.) While I cannot immediately think of a practical utility for this function, it does provide an interesting visualization of t-statistics as viewed through a transverse slice of the brain, as shown in the following figures:

Left: Transverse slice of a T-map seen from above. Right: Same image viewed at an angle. Note that the "hotter" spots are raised above the yellow plane threshold representing a t-score of 0, while "colder" spots deflect below the plane.

I recommend checking out more of the code snippets, as they provide insight into how the professional neuroimaging programmers approach problems. By immersing yourself within their thoughts, it will have a salutary effect on your thoughts as well, cleansing your muddled mind and training you to become focused, forceful, and direct. At least, that's what I think might happen.

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