Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FSL Tutorial 2: FEAT (Part 1)

A new tutorial about FEAT is now up; depending on how long it takes to get through all of the different tabs in the interface, this may be a three-part series. In any case, this will serve as a basic overview of the preprocessing steps of FEAT, most of which can be left as a default.

The next couple of tutorials will cover the set up of models and timing files within FSL, which can be a little tricky. For those of you who have stuck with it from the beginning (and I have heard that there are a few of you out there: Hello), there will be some more useful features coming up, aside from reviewing the basics.

Eventually we will get around to batch scripting FEAT analyses, which can save you several hours of mindless pointing and clicking, and leave you with plenty of time to watch Starcraft 2 replays, or Breaking Bad, or whatever it is kids watch these days.


  1. Hi there Andrew, I'm an undergraduate student trying to learn more about fMRI analysis and wanted to follow along with your videos, but when I click on your link for the sample files for the FEAT tutorial it says that they are no longer accessible. Is there any way you could possibly fix this? Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi Alex, this has been happening to a lot of people, and it's because IU deleted my old page a couple of years after I had left. My plan is to rebuild those datasets with new and updated tutorials.